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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Back to Ken

You never know what you're going to get when you start throwing apparently.  Some days I can feel my ligament as if it's going to burst out of my elbow.  Some days, I feel nothing at all which is a welcome, but still unfamiliar, non-feeling.

Funny enough, I think most of my ligament issues are from sleeping funny or working on my iPhone games.  That's when it seems to hurt the most anyway.

So, back to Ken I go tomorrow morning.  I'll get evaluated and checked out to make sure I'm on the right track and that this is allllll normal. That's what I'm hoping anyway.  It's starting to feel really great to throw.

We've started doing some BP and pitching practice every Saturday morning.  After taking a year off from the game, I can't express how amazing it is to be able to stand in a batters box and actually take swings.  I'm hitting the ball harder and with accuracy which is simply unbelievable.  See, I'm a lousy hitter.  So, to even be able to hit with any sort of authority is strange to me.  LASIK has helped that out a lot.  It's amazing what you can do when you see the ball.

I felt positive enough about my swing that I actually bought a new BBCOR bat on Black Friday for $70.  A minor investment in my poor hitting skills, but a pretty good one so far. I don't tend to swing non-wood bats but this one felt great.  At some point, I'll retire my 5 year old Birch bat ( and have to have a backup.  So, I have a backup now as well as a bat that other people can use.

I've also tinkered with the cutter that I've talked about before.  I've started throwing that a bit in the 60 foot sessions and it's absolutely moving like I thought.  It's reminiscent of my old sidearm pitch that swung outside to inside on a right handed hitter.  This one does that and seems to dip a bit too.  This is at about 50% velocity though so that movement will probably change.

PT is getting dull now. It's the annoying part at the end of my workout.  I'll talk more about that later.  Usually a pep talk from my man Ken Roll is all I need to keep going.

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