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Friday, June 8, 2012

Random thoughts on a Friday

Happy Friday to you and yours:

Glad to hear Jamie Moyer got picked up.  He signed a minor league deal with the Baltimore Orioles.  Who knows if he'll pitch in the majors again, but I'm pretty sure everyone in Seattle is pulling for him.  San Diego is pulling for Cory Luebke who has opted to become part of the fraternity.  Nice kid with great stuff.  He'll come back just great.  Daisuke makes his first start since joining the frat this weekend.  I doubt a new ligament will make him walk fewer people or work any faster.

PT is going well.  Shoulder work has been upped a pound.  I'm also up to 3 sets for that as well.  It's tougher than you think.  That's typically the one that makes me really work.

My arm feels pretty good. I still can't lift any real weight or anything.  3 pounds is about it if my arm has to bend at all.  I am able to turn a doorknob painlessly now. Opening some jars is still difficult, but so many things that used to give me trouble no longer do so that's progress.  The biggest problem now is that my elbow will often tighten up after typing for a while or shampooing my hair.  That's always entertaining....adding stretching out to drying off as a post-shower activity.

I've learned that quick motions are not your friend.  I never thought it would hurt to swat a fly, but it did. Add that to the list of things you shouldn't do after surgery.

On a really personal note, I'd like to say goodbye to my dear friend Missy. She stood by me for 14 years as a constant companion and supported me in everything I did.  I already miss her terribly and there is a big void in our household now.

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