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Friday, July 13, 2012

Been a while

It's been a bit since I've posted and I sincerely apologize. There frankly hasn't been a lot to say lately.

My rehab is progressing.  There are a lot of days where it's frustrating that I have to spend so much time on it. Just last weekend I was going through my normal workout on a Saturday when it came time to go and I was only halfway through my bouncy ball work.  Katy was good enough to let me finish and STILL help me do my tosses with the plyoball.

She's had to get used to that.  The workout is that I stand facing away from her with the plyoball (2lbs) in my right hand.  I have my elbow forward and palm down.  I then have to flip the ball back to Katy who catches it and hands it back. We do a series of these (2 sets/20 per) which includes me being prone and flipping it back as well as Katy tossing it over my shoulder while I'm on a knee.  I then have to catch it and complete the throwing motion backwards back to her.

Well, her patience is great though I've thrown it a bit hard a few times and have nailed her right in the chest.  She has stuck with it though.

The site is still tender every day but I feel like the numb spot has only gotten smaller.  It seems that the scar tissue is starting to break up around there.  I've also been more diligent with icing right after my PT.

It could be a while before I'm back throwing.  The surgeon said 3 months from my last checkup which puts me in mid-September.  That's not much fun.  I'm not sure how much more I can do in the next couple of months that is so vastly different from what I have been doing.

It keeps feeling like I'm hitting walls and I want to keep moving forward.  It's frustrating more than not. The biggest thing is that the work is getting easier and easier. Even in my gym workouts I've started putting 3 pounds in my right hand for most exercises.  So, that's something I guess.  The PT work is definitely making me stronger.  That's a plus as well.

They said this would be a long road and I'm only 3 and a half months in.  It feels much longer than that.

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