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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

It's unseasonably nice in the Northwest today. We spent it by taking the pups out along the waterfront so Lucy could bark at other dogs and Ginger could chase ducks.  The fact that Ginger can still move at anything more than a trot is great.

Yesterday I threw a great bullpen.  It was about 35 pitches off of the mound.  My velocity crept up just a little bit and I firmly belive that there's a mechanical issue in there someplace. I may simply be overthinking it and that's why I'm unable to solve it. I keep thinking that my legs are outpacing my arm and that I'm just a little behind myself up top. I added just a small twist in to try to let everything play out as it should and it seems to be better.  I just need to remember that cadence so I can repeat it with regularity.

I'm finally having good batting practices as well. It's amazing how much better you hit when stuff stops hurting.  I'm hitting a lot of things to right center and to dead right field while still being able to turn on something pretty easily.  I'm just hoping to be a better gap hitter and go for a lot of singles and doubles this time.  I think I can do it as I feel like I've been better able to handle pitches.

Baseball is really a lot more fun when it's not 34 degrees and cloudy.

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