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Thursday, March 7, 2013 married

I got married on February 25th.

That's one of many reasons that this blog has been empty.  Sorry about that.

I'm not sorry about spending two weeks in Maui marrying my awesome wife.  That...was....fantastic.

Here's a quick update:

-My elbow is much less sore after Maui.  I was clearly overdoing it on the weights.  That's not a surprise. I tend to do that. I think the swimming helped a BUNCH.

-I am cleared to throw off of the mound now.

-I am very cleared to throw from flat ground as much as I want to now.

- I'm starting my baseball training regimen now.  I'm going to focus on my core and legs this year and then keep up my PT strength training as well. I'm thinking that should be everything I need.

Sorry this is short but I'll have more next week I'm sure.

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