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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wait, Figgins is still on a team?

The NFL referees got back to work finally and will be officiating shortly.  That means that baseball season is quickly coming to a close and the NFL is actually gearing up.  

It's great to see the Padres and Mariners actually improve this year.  It's been fun to watch both clubs progress and, while neither are in contention, they are in a progression.  They are progressing toward the non-suck line  That's the line that says "Go ahead and wear that jersey with pride" or "At least we're better than the Red Sox".  Good place to be actually. It means the stadium isn't crowded yet but the baseball isn't as abysmal as it was last year or even earlier this year.

Did you know Chone Figgins still plays for the Mariners?  Not JUST sitting on the bench plays, but actually in the field, suited up, and taking hacks plays.  I thought they just made up a rare and incurable disease for him and left him in Buffalo or Omaha or something.  It reminds me of what the Padres did with Jason Bartlett before releasing him. Oh he was on the 15 day DL for about half a season before he was released.  

My man Jake Peavy is throwing well. Just the fact that he's throwing is absolutely unreal.  Remember that?  Detached Latissimus muscle?  Ouch.  

I was looking through my baseball stuff over the last week and on my Jake Peavy shelf (yep, whole shelf and it's spilling over) is the ball he signed for me (courtesy of Teri and Jenn) wishing me well.  Just seeing that again keeps you full of hope.

The hope is that when I start throwing next week, it all feels ok.  Yes, it'll probably be a tennis ball and it'll probably be about 15 feet, but it'll be throwing.  It'll be a big step and a huge early birthday present if I can throw without pain.  I worry about it a little bit.  I think you have to.  Resuming the activity that got you injured in the first place.  Even slowly?  How do runners feel running again after getting stress fractures? Do you take it easy? Do you wonder if every little pain is something to be worried about.

I don't know yet.  I get my marching orders on Wednesday the 3rd. Ken says it's easy to follow and should get me back on a mound in March.  

The last few weeks, I've focused my workouts away from that elbow.  I've done things like chest flies, shoulder raises, legwork, etc.  Anything I can do to stay away from that joint.  It seems to work and it seems to get the job done in a relatively decent manner.  Katy thinks I'm doing the Plyo tosses stronger and that my arms are looking like they used to before my injury. My elbow has been sore but at my new job, I have a right handed mouse so I've already requested to get my lefty back.  I think that's a big thing.  Switching to that left handed mouse is a good idea.  

Jake has a 3.40 ERA this year and, at some point, took a first step in throwing.  Mine is next week.

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