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Friday, October 26, 2012

More throwing updates

This week has been another struggle.

Not in the pain sense. I think taking last week off did the trick in a lot of different ways.  I did a LOT of cardio which helped trimmed me up.  This is usually when I would start doing heavier weights with lots of volume to put on lean muscle, but instead it's a just a ton of light light weights.  Oh well.

What I struggled with the last couple of days was finding the release point.  I just couldn't seem to get it consistent.  It may have been the fact that I wasn't throwing a baseball.  I was throwing my little pink ball that I had around.  I suppose I should try again with a tennis ball.

Part of it was trying to throw lightly. As anyone who's played catch with me can attest, I have a very hard time just tossing lightly.  I'm much more accurate when I can let it go.  So, throwing lightly and being accurate isn't in my repertoire.

I think this had to do with release point more than anything.  I could feel myself releasing way too early or way too late.  I had a lot of accurate throws too, but a good one-third of the tosses were way off.

I may just be trying to get too fine with control as well. The spot at the gym that I throw at is a wall that has a lot of racks on the top that hold the balance balls.  So, while I should theoretically have plenty of room, I think that gets into my head a little bit and I get off my game.

It's hard to actually play catch here.  It's been raining a bunch and the timing has been tough. By the time Katy gets home, it's too dark.  So, I've taken to doing it in the gym against a wall.  Luckily, most people at my gym know the deal so they usually just give me 4 or 5 minutes to finish up the tosses.

I can do a remarkable job of flipping a 2lb plyoball backwards though.  Talk about accuracy!  I can do that without thinking.  It's pretty slick.

Next week is 45 feet with a baseball.  I'm expecting better results.

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