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Monday, October 29, 2012


It's sooooo tempting just to let one fly.

It's also frustrating.  I don't like being able to lift weights as heavy as I'm used to.  I still can't do that.  I've been sticking to the low impact weight stuff.  It has been lots of low weights at high volumes as well as a ton of cardio....every single morning.

It's getting boring honestly, but I look and feel great right now so I don't want to change anything.  Plus, I'm convinced that I can't lift any really heavy weights right now.  So, I guess it's on to the dull cardio and light weight lifting.

So I can't let loose in the gym but I feel like I could let loose with my arm.  It feels SO much stronger.  Even now I feel like I could blow a fastball by a batter without a problem.  My guess is that it's the PT that's really strengthening things.

Oh, and the PT...yeah, I'm still doing that every morning too.  It's tiring and I'm pretty tired of doing it honestly.  I just wish all of this stuff was over and I could lift weights again like I used to and throw a fastball like I used to.

I've been doing is a lot of foam roller work too.  Have you guys heard about these?  They're giant foam rollers that you basically roll on.  They're fantastic.

That's a foam roller.  Most gyms have these hanging around now.  I roll along my IT band like she's doing as well as all the way up and down my back; over my hamstrings and quads; and then especially my elbow.  It seems to help dissipate the lactic acid that gets built up during exercise.  I like it a lot.

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