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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back to the Gym: Dull Blog Post Edition + NEW PHOTOS

This post is honestly sorta dull.  I know...that's why I decided to spice it up with GROSS PICTURES!!!

I have started my full workout week this week. The workout I am doing is a repeated circuit that consists of 7 exercises with no rest in between.  They are all dumbbell based so that I don't even have to convert anything or lift any plates.  It has been a nice successful program for me when I feel like I need to lean out and build a little strength. I also generally have time to bookend two 10 or 15 minute cardio sessions here as well. I have one more of those workouts on Friday and then a free for all extended workout on Saturday. I have physical therapy again on Thursday.

I am emphasizing the workouts because I firmly believe that being physically fit has significantly helped my recovery.  I think it's a critical thing because your body is used to recovering. Every time you lift weights, your body gets a little bit damaged and then repairs itself.  Your body is used to being challenged.  It looks at this recovery as just another challenge. 

I honestly have no basis for this at all besides my personal experience. It could be that my surgeon is incredibly skilled as well.  Logically, it's probably a little bit of both. 

So, on to the interesting photos:

Here's a shot we took on Friday with the stitches out and the brace off.  It's healed insanely well.  

Remember when I said my skin was dry?  I wasn't kidding.  It's gotten a little bit better since I took this and I've also removed the surgical tape because it was bugging me.  My friend Jen Kramer, who went through a very similar surgery told me that Vitamin E will really knock this dryness out of the park.  Make sense to me.  Plus, girls seem to be pretty dialed in to skin care.

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