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Monday, April 16, 2012

Brothers in Surgery

This weekend I went to the Mariners game with my buddy Adam.  He's pretty generous with his season tickets and I definitely appreciate it.  It's nice to be able to watch some baseball especially when I can't play it. 

We always start by hitting the 'Pen.  The 'Pen is Safeco Field's best kept secret.  It's an area behind left centerfield that has a string of eateries and drinkeries. Grab yourself a burrito, a giant slice of pizza, or even a Crepe' and set your beer on the rail right behind the left centerfield fence. It even has a little "lounge" section where you can relax on couches next to a fireplace.  Sometimes, it's a handy thing when Seattle is being Seattle.  When it's sunny, grab a beer and head to the patio where you can enjoy this view:

One of Adam's friends eventually met us down at the railing there.  He was a young guy that had pitched at UW and was a pretty good pitching prospect.  During his freshman year he tore his UCL and had to recover in the dorms.  He even told a story of his arm sliding off of the bed about 3 days removed from surgery and he was in such pain that it brought him to tears.  

I get that. I'm probably one of the few that does.

He also said he never fully recovered from the surgery. He got back to 80% in less than a year but never got that last 20% or so that really makes a pitcher complete.  He gave it up after that as UW didn't want to pay for a second surgery and he didn't want to go through it all again. Can't say I blame him there either.  

When you meet someone else who has had this done, there is definitely a camaraderie that immediately presents itself. You're now a member of a very small club.  A member that understands what others in the club have been through.  You can talk to each other in real terms instead of trying to explain everything hypothetically and hoping to use a good analogy so that they understand.

No, when you meet a brother in surgery, you can just say it like it is and they get it. I'm looking forward to meeting more people in our little fraternity.   

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  1. Welcome to the club Ty. When I talked to you a couple months ago, I was still in my post-surgery honeymoon. Things have been pretty darn tough (see my 4/1/12 facebook status update at the 3.5 month mark -!/ralvis22/posts/10150774188702612). I keep expressing my concern to Ken (your and my PT therapist) and he reassures me I am doing great. He's great.

    Anyway, cool that I saw this blog post. Let's keep in touch. I am at the 4-month mark on April 20, so I can give you previews of what you might have ahead of you.

    Best of luck. Keep in touch.