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Thursday, April 12, 2012


I have been getting a few questions sent my way as a result of this blog.  It's been fun to see what people are wondering.  I'm always happy to answer questions and you should feel free to submit them.  You can reach me via email at, on Facebook, or on Twitter via @tyjroberts.

Did you throw up when you saw the surgery pictures?

No, but I couldn't look at them for a few days. I think it was Sunday that I finally looked. Now it doesn't bother me.  I think the dry skin thing is almost more gross.  

What was the first thing you did after surgery?  

I ate an Otter Pop.  Then another one. Then Katy showed up and gave me a protein bar.  Basically I ate.  The first real thing I did was go see The Hunger Games on that Sunday. Saturday was mostly worthless but I was going stir crazy by Sunday.  

Do you miss baseball? 

It hasn't sunk in yet, but it's starting to. My team is starting to have practices. The schedule is coming out.  There's a scrimmage coming up.  I will definitely miss it but I am going to do my best to get out to the games and support the team. I am planning on making up for it by going to more Mariner games. In fact my buddy Adam is giving me his spare ticket for Sunday's game. 

Plus, I just keep telling myself I am going to come back stronger. That's what keeps me going.  It sounds dumb but seeing myself back on the mound next year is really keeping me motivated.

It seems like this hasn't been very tough....true?

Mostly true. It's definitely been easier than I thought. The surgery wasn't bad at all.  The recovery has been more frustrating than difficult. The physical therapy has been pretty easy so far.  There hasn't been a bunch of pain or anything. 

The hardest part is opening yourself up to being vulnerable. You have to understand and remember that  you are recovering and that you aren't 100% healthy.  If you have a partner you have to remember that they are doing their best to help you. You have to let yourself be vulnerable and open to accepting the help that your partner is trying to give you. 

That part doesn't seem like its hard does it?  It is. Imagine having to ask your fiancé to open a jar of pickles or having them wait while you shower because you can't reach around to dry yourself off.  Accepting that you are not able to do certain things is really difficult. The quicker you get over yourself, the better off you and your better half will be.  That may even be a life lesson there kids. 

That's it for the questions.  Thanks for the submissions and for all of the support.  I really appreciate everyone being so awesome.

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