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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yesterday was the first day of physical therapy.  For those curious, I am going to Mar Ran physical therapy and seeing Ken Roll.  Ken has done PT work with lots of various throwers including a bunch of the Mariners. He really seems to know what is going on and has a great idea of what to do with me.  You can tell that this isn't his first rodeo. 

Yesterday was mostly evaluation stuff. He ran me through a lot of deterministic tests to see how straight I can get my arm. I believe he said I could extend out to 5 or 10 degrees and up to 110 degrees. That means my arm is extended out nearly straight.  It also means I can flex up past 90 degrees.  He seemed to think that I was healing much quicker than normal.  

I have to do all six of the exercises three times a day.  I can tell they are working because today my muscles are actually sore.  Though, judging by my little girl arm, I think any work I do is going to make things hurt in there.  

I am not going to miss a beat with this stuff though.  I am determined to stick with this no matter what. I really think the hard work will pay off.  

After all of that hard work, I get to relax, play Triple Town, and have my arm iced and electrically stimulated.  

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