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Monday, April 2, 2012

Telling a Stranger "Thank You."

Normally when you go through this surgery, the Palmaris tendon is used to replace the UCL.  However, about 20% of the population doesn't even have this tendon, myself included.  When this happens, a donor graft is used in its place. The donated piece is from someone who was a tissue and/or organ donor and who has obviously passed on.  

When this is done, you have the opportunity to write a thank-you note to the family of the donor. It makes you remember to be thankful that this even exists. If it were not for this person, I likely would have had a graft taken from my leg causing my recovery time to be lengthened.  

So, here is the letter I wrote to the family: 

Dear Donor Family, 

Let me first say that I am sorry for your loss. I don't know what it is like to lose someone close. I am truly sorry that you had to experience such grief. 

I want to take time to let you know that your family member has given me a great gift. Because of them, I was able to have my elbow reconstructed via "Tommy John" surgery.  This surgery is something that will forever change my life. This gift will let me continue to pursue two of my passions: baseball and working out. 

I cannot imagine never being able to play baseball again.  I cannot imagine simply never pitching to another batter or always worrying when my elbow is going to collapse in the gym.  I can come home after a baseball game and not be in constant pain.  I won't have any more days where my arm hurts "just because." I won't be scared lifting a weight or wondering when I'll feel that next tear.

These are truly gifts to me.  They are gifts that I will get every day for many years to come.  

I owe your loved one a huge debt of gratitude. 

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  1. Well "said", God continues to work in mysterious ways