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Friday, April 13, 2012

Few Quick Hits

It has been 3 weeks since surgery and everything seems to be healing nicely. 

I have taken to wearing those basketball shooter sleeves under the brace. That way, I can sweat under the brace without having to offend my office neighbors every morning. I just pull the sleeve, wash it, and put the other one on.  

I have two sleeves. One is my dressy black sleeve.  It's used for nights on the town and blends in well under the brace.  The other is a very nice blue that I think looks best under a Mariner or blue Padres jersey. They are pretty comfortable.

I have confirmed that I can lift a half pint of weight now.  

I ended up dropping about 5 pounds.  Unfortunately it's probably a lot of muscle weight.  Lots of thanks to Katy for not letting my ice cream consumption go nuts.  

It's a beautiful day here in Seattle. Going to be a great weekend for baseball!  I'm ready to go see my teammates tonight in Bellevue.  It has been way too long.  Usually, I've already thrown and hit quite a bit.  Not practicing has left a little void in my life

That's the scar at 3 weeks.  It's really healing well.

This is my pillow setup at work.  I use one pillow when I'm working and two when I'm doing my physical therapy.  I took this right before my noonish PT session.

This is the ultra-sexy blue sleeve flanked by the ever-popular Erik Bedard Mariners jersey.  I think they go well together.  

I believe Sunday I'll be wearing my Bucky Jacobsen jersey with the blue sleeve to accent it.  I'm guessing the compliments will flow.

Just sayin'.

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