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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I searched all over the place for how much this surgery was going to cost me and I couldn't find one little slice of information about anything related to cost. 

You would think that there would be some disclosure about cost somewhere along the way. I mean, it's all a second thought almost. Nobody says to you "Here's the estimated cost after insurance" or even "Here is what our doctor is going to charge."  Nope. Not one word about what your bill would be. 

By the way, doesn't that strike you as odd?  

My cat has been sick lately.  She's actually dying of renal failure. Every test that gets done and every medication that is prescribed has a cost associated with it. You know that cost up front. In fact, they will actually give you a written estimate of your visit before you enter the exam room. All of that effort for a cat. 

Meanwhile, we go into a specialist's office hoping that the cost isn't crazy for a procedure like this.  You even have to guess at the cost of the diagnostic tools and the diagnosis itself.  What does an MRI cost? How about a blood panel? Fluoroscan? What about that brace? 

You have no idea. You just kind of hope that it's not going to bury you.  Our fast food "restaurants" have posted menus and costs. A car mechanic, by law, must give you a written estimate before any work is done.  But our health care? Nah.

I'll get off of my soapbox for now but I do reserve the right to climb back on at any given point during this blog. 

Here's what my Tommy John surgery cost for the day-of procedure. This doesn't include PT, follow ups, etc. Ready?

For the Facility Fee it was $7747.00.  That's just for Overlake to host me for the day. 
The anesthesia was $1900. 
Dr. Trumble's fee was $4325.00
The Physician Assistant cost $1081.25
That's a grand total of $15,053.25

My portion of that is significantly less. Big thumbs up to Premera!
Overlake: $340.81
Anesthesia: $128.02
Dr. Trumble: $164.00
Dennis the PA: $16.40
My portion adds up to only be $649.23

Comparing the two numbers, that's an absolutely screaming deal. That doesn't count the co-pays of each visit and PT as well as MRI costs and such. Those continue to add up every week.  My final figure also takes into account the fee adjustments made by each provider for the insurance. 

All in all, I think I got off easy. I feel very lucky to have this insurance. Had it been crappy insurance or none at all, my baseball career would be over. So thanks Premera. I owe you one. 

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