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Thursday, May 17, 2012

PSSBL Mariners Win!

I went to our PSSBL Mariner game the other night. It was a gorgeous night and we were playing a new team in the league at the best field in the circuit.  I mostly leaned on the rail, spat sunflower seeds, and observed.

I try not to critique our guys much but it's hard when you see the game from this perspective. You see your pitcher not following through. You see when a runner is going to take off. You see the defense get on their heels because the pitcher takes too long. You notice a strong hitter swing at a bad pitch.  You work with the catcher to go over the next few hitters.

It's a strange thing to see a game from this perspective. It's somehow different when you know you're not playing. You get to take more in and think about things more. It's still interesting though and it's always fun to watch. It's still baseball and watching your team destroy the other team is always a blast. 

Wish I could say the same for the MLB Mariners. Yikes guys...get it together. 

I hope I remember all of these lessons next year. I need to remember when to change my pace.  I need to learn when someone is getting a monster lead on me. I really need to work on my pick off move.  Oh, I also had a lefty throwing session with my patient and daring fiancĂ©.  There were some good and some bad. I developed a rhythm after a while but  nothing that is going to be game ready. My goal is to be able to warm someone up before they pitch or just toss in general before a game.  

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