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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hammer time!

Seriously, nobody screws with a guy that trains with a hammer.  The idea behind the exercise is to have an uneven weight distribution. That way you have to have control in both the acceleration and deceleration phase of the exercises.  The exercise is as follows: 1. Grab the hammer in your hand so that the head of the hammer is facing left and your knuckles are up 2. Rotate your wrist so the head of the hammer goes from the left to the right.  3. Repeat twenty times and stay in control.  4. When you are done with that, rotate your grip on the hammer and make the hammer face you in such a way that it looks like you might hammer your elbow.  5. Using only your wrist, swing the hammer back so the head comes near your elbow. Do this twenty times.  6.  Turn the hammer the opposite way and repeat....twenty times....both arms.  You probably won't actually look like Thor after this but you'll feel like you've been in a fight with him. This stuff really works. I was sore this morning. 

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