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Monday, May 21, 2012

Thanks Ken

PopCap is changing insurance providers since we're part of EA now. 

Unfortunately, Ken and Mar Ran physical therapy are not "in network".  The way our new insurance operates is to provide a network of care givers that will be fully covered by the insurance. Unfortunately, if you are not a part of that network then the insurance will cover at a much lower rate than if you are "in network". 

I'm not really sure what it takes to get into the network. I would assume that you have to be high enough on someone's social graph to even be considered. Maybe you have to tag them in pictures enough times or comment on their status updates.  Maybe it's just a part of the request system?  

At any rate, they aren't in network so now I really get to pay for it. 

Ken knew this. I was warming up on the hand bike as I usually do.  Ken came over and told me that my new insurance is out of network.  I told him I had realized that but that intended to stay put because I believe in what he's got me doing and I believe in the results. 

He said he appreciated that and agreed. He then said he's going to lower his rates to make it more comfortable for me to stay there. 

I had already bit the bullet and decided not to change to an "in network"provider. Ken didn't have to lower his rate. He did it because he thought it was the right thing to do for me. He didn't think I would benefit by changing therapists. He certainly has plenty of clients and probably doesn't need me to stick around. He wanted me to stick around. He wants to help me heal. 

It's a very personal connection when someone is helping you heal. I didn't particularly want to change that. I am getting healed with his help. I'm going to pitch again with his help. 

I wrote this to remind everyone that there are caregivers out there that are still bound by the desire to make people better no matter the cost to them. So thanks Ken. I really appreciate it...even if others think you are "out of network".

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