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Monday, May 7, 2012

Random Notes for a Monday

Here it is, a beautiful Monday in Seattle.  It's due to be about 70 degrees here today.  I'm wearing my favorite jersey today and feel pretty good. What's my favorite jersey? It's a teal Dustin Ackley jersey that's signed.  It's really awesome.  I even put the Dave Niehaus patch on the other sleeve.  Here's a picture of Adam and I in our matching teal hotness.

So onto the random notes:

My left handed training is coming well. After running stairs at Lake Washington High School, I started throwing the "pinky" against the concrete wall of the press box. I threw for about 7 minutes and did ok.  I did better at the gym this morning and had more accuracy.  Looks like my left arm slots differently than my right.  It's much more over the top instead of 3/4 like my right arm.  Odd, but I'll take it.
I'll throw again on Thursday.

This week in gym training:  It's cable week!  This morning was chest and back.  Lots of lying presses, single arm bent over rows, cable flyes, etc. Cables are great because of the constant resistance.  You don't even need a bunch of weight.  It feels like it's harder on the muscles and easier on the joints right now.  If there's any interest, I'll talk about my workouts.  They're almost all supersets.

One thing I did start doing is doing cardio at the beginning AND as the second to last thing I do.  I really don't have an idea as to why I do that, but it seems to be better to keep my heart rate up a bit before I do some core work to cool down.  I don't know if it works, but we'll find out.  I feel like I'm doing ok, but that could have something to do with knocking the beer consumption down a bit.

Yes, I'm replacing it with whiskey.

The brace comes off on Wednesday.  More on that on Wednesday.  It'll be a relief.

The arm has been sore a bit this week.  I'm thinking it's due to the tougher PT schedule.  It might just be the incision being goofy.

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