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Friday, May 11, 2012

Goodbye friend

It has been fun old friend. For six weeks, you and I were almost inseparable. You prevented me from putting on sweatshirts but gave me a great excuse to wear baseball jerseys. You pointed out to the world that I had some sort of injury and made people pay when they bumped into my arm. 

You inspired people to come up with Iron Man costume ideas.  You let people think about what kind of sound effects machine could be attached. You let people reminisce about the days of the six million dollar man. 

You got people thinking about how hard I am going to throw eventually.  You intimated all kinds of friends including my fiancĂ© and my dog. 

You added extra weight to my arm and would lock randomly in strange positions. You let me sleep in strange positions. You always got a kick out of tangling up my iPod cord. 

I'll miss the stares I got everywhere I went because of you and I'll especially miss the random comments that strangers would make to me. 

Good luck buddy. Thanks for your help

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