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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I earned it

Dos Equis Amber at Matador Redmond

It was one of the best beers ever.  It's weird how much you miss it when you can't have it.  Another upside of not taking the Oxy's.

My brace has been getting a lot of interesting comments from "When does the rest of the Iron Man suit get in" to "Does it come with sound effects?"  Here's a picture of it.

The hinge at the elbow restricts my arm from moving too much.  It keeps it from straightening itself out and making my life miserable. It also keeps you from curling your elbow up too much but just enough to keep your new ligament from being terribly static.  Part of my exercise is to curl the joint up and down as much as I can multiple times a day.  So, you add that to the hand movements I mentioned yesterday and it makes for a lot of movement.

I will say that you should expect this to hurt sometimes.  It will be sore.  Your muscles and forearm stuff is all still in a recovery stage. Just keep going. It's all about building those muscles and joints back to where they were.  I feel better every day and I'm definitely seeing progress.

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