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Monday, March 26, 2012


I'm lying, but it's exciting to start it.  It really is.What's that I smell?  Progress!

This is going to be really short because it still sucks to type.  Two-handed hurts and one-handed is slow so...

I got the main cast off today. Katy nearly fainted.  It's very hard to describe why that was so painful, but I guess it's like opening a new jar of pasta sauce.  That little metal top "pops" when the air first gets to it's releasing right?  Well, that's how my arm felt. It's a strange feeling but it's actually feeling better now that I've had a few hours to flex my hand and test the range of the elbow.

Anyway, it feels better.  Just know that a few days after surgery and things are really feeling pretty good.

Oh, the new brace is insane.  You can set the degrees of movement so that you don't move past your comfort zone in either direction.  It is really something else.  It makes it really safe to move around.

I will post pictures tomorrow.  I still haven't seen them myself, but judging by Katy's expression when she took the one, it isn't pretty.

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  1. OMG, I am SOOOO enjoying this vicarious ride, and the pics have been FABULOUS!!! Almost like being there. Maybe I should have been a surgeon? But, i don't like blood. Small problem. Thanks, Ty, and keep up the great work!! Pamela