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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tips of The Day: Grooming

Here are a few tricks I have been using the last few days for keeping myself from stinking while looking presentable:
1. Bagging your arm:  I have used two Target bags. I cut small holes in the bottom of each bag so my arm can just barely fit through them. One bag gets pulled up to my shoulder and tied.  Next one goes barely past the bottom of the first bag and is tied around your elbow joint. Then simply rubber band the second bag around your wrist. These seem to be easier to manage than a giant garbage sack.  

2.  Soap and shampoo:  Buy smaller sizes of each product. You definitely don't want Costco sizes with the technique I am about to suggest.  Secondly, make sure that both of these products are upside down so that the contents will come out easier.  Pick up your shampoo making sure it's still upside down. Flick open the top with your thumb.  If you have to, give the bottle a little squeeze.  The shampoo should go right into your hand.  Apply as normal.

You will want to do the same thing with the soap.  I firmly believe this is easier with one of those little scrubby thingies.  Just set that thing down on a ledge, squeeze the soap onto it, set the soap down, and  pick up the scrubby.  Easy.

3. Towel:  Be sure your towel is in a place where you don't have to stretch for it. I throw mine over the shower curtain railing so it's easily reachable. Drying off is a little tougher. Katy tends to help me with this so it's easier for me. Just do the best you can but be sure that your bandages are bone dry.

4.  Hair:  Wear a cap if your job allows.  That's the easiest thing to do.  Don't worry too much about styling it.  People kind of get it if your hair looks funny.

5.  Shaving:  This is surprisingly easy.  I shaved last night and had no problem doing it.  Just go slow.

6.  Brushing your teeth:  Set your tooth brush on the counter.  Pull out the toothpaste and get the top of the toothpaste off by turning with your thumb and forefinger.  Squeeze toothpaste onto toothbrush and replace the top.  The rest is easy.

Other quick notes:
- Before surgery, make sure your tub is not slippery at all.  
- I didn't try a bath but the same principles apply.  
- Lay out your clothes before hand. The towel is tough to tie around your waist.
- Just be careful and take your time.  The last thing you want to do is stretch out your arm. 
- Remember that it's hard to use two hands so get used to setting things down, wedging things against corners and walls, or any other improvisational technique that keeps you from hurting your new ligament. 

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