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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nuts and bolts.

Welcome to a really nice Sunday. I am excited to say that my pain meds have thus far been a complete waste of money. I really have been feeling pretty good. We took the dogs on a walk yesterday in the sun. Today we are going to try to see the Hunger Games.

Hard to watch Madson and Soria go down with torn UCLs.  They are both getting this surgery. For Soria, it's his second. While this hasn't been bad, I am not doing it twice.

So here is the nitty gritty. You wanted it, you got it.

The first picture was what I went In with. See that giant slacked line in there?  That was my ligament. It was stretched and torn like an old rubber band. The tear will be at the base there in the left corner but you probably won't see it.  You can certainly see how stretched it is though.  You can also see how big the incision is as well.

This would not have been an option to keep playing and lifting with. Sounds like it would have snapped quickly.

Now this is the new ligament. You can barely see it in there which is because it's tight and taut like it should be. Ever replaced a belt in a vacuum cleaner?  When you get that new one on, it's just so tight that you can immediately see the difference.  Well, there isn't much difference here.  My elbow just has a new belt in it.

Tomorrow starts physical therapy.

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