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Saturday, March 24, 2012

So far so good for a Saturday

It's Saturday now and I am actually feeling pretty good. The dressing or cast or whatever this is is very heavy. So prop it up when you can. You also need to keep ice on it and keep it elevated. It actually feels a lot better when it is up and away from you. 

I haven't taken any pain pills yet today.  That's great news for me because I truly hate the idea of dealing with OxyContin.  I don't like putting that stuff in my body if I can help it. I know that is a huge disappointment for some of you who were hoping for some drug hazed posts, but I am here to disappoint. 

The worst problem is the muscle spasms going on up and down my forearm.  Those are annoying. My hand is pretty numb too but it's not the end of the world. 

I did manage a shower today. We ended up cutting holes into old Target bags and slipped them up over the dressing. They were adamant about keeping that area dry.  That method seemed to work. 

Oh, you don't want to squeeze at all with your surgery hand. It hurts. You also don't want to leverage anything against it. I did that this morning trying to open my jug of protein powder. 

Otherwise I am mostly tired and a little sore. If this is the worst of it, then getting a root canal is worse. We will see though. Maybe all of that pre-training paid off. 

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