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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wrapping up the day of surgery

Well, let me first say how grateful I am to everyone for being so supportive in this process. I really am very lucky.  Every note on facebook, every text, and every phone call meant a ton. Thank you so much. 

The surgery went very well. Apparently well enough that Dr. Trumble took pictures. As soon as I have the stomach to look at them, I will post them here. I also understood that the damage was more significant than they first thought. I guess I am lucky I got it done now. Details are fuzzy as I am getting them all second hand. 

By the way, surgery stuff is gross. I had a small drainage tube that had crud in it. The OR looked like a super weird factory.  I think just seeing all of the tools that they are going to use on you is pretty unsettling. I will say that anesthesia has improved.  I was out really quickly and comfortably. 

So let's get on to some surgery day tips:
1.  Seriously wear comfortable clothes. You aren't going to do much anyway and it's a great excuse to wear your sweats.  You don't even have to wear your nice sweats. It's okay  
2.  Don't bring stuff to do. Once the nurse takes you back, it's game on. I did manage to buy a ticket to see Mötley Crüe and KISS though.  
3. Wear a jersey.  It's the only thing that your arm will fit through after the procedure. Make it Bucky Jacobsen size if you can. Hoodies are tough to get your arm through.  
4. Stock up on post surgery powerade. You will need to hydrate. This day after dryness is rough 
5. Lay out your meds. Katy did a great job of this. Every medicine has its place and description. 

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